Friday, February 18, 2011

New Year, Fresh Start

So much for that word count in December. And not to be outdone, January was a big fat ZERO. But I shall not offer excuses. Instead, I will start fresh now in February. To be fair though, I did get some writing related work done in January. I started reading (and am almost done with) the awesome book, The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard.  It has been absorbing and fascinating, and I even find myself rooting for the pirates sometimes. As far as this relates to my story, I feel like I'm really developing a good understanding of the pirates and the world they lived in. Even though I haven't worked out my pirates yet, I now have some very valuable information to help me craft them.

I think this book also helped me get past a major brick wall I was facing regarding my MC and her inner struggles/goals, as well as the overall direction of the story. And although I haven't written any new words for this MG novel in over a month, I feel really good about the story itself.

And my writing hasn't been totally nonexistent. I did write an 800 word article for a parenting magazine that my writing group critiqued for me last night. So now, a few minor revisions and I'll get it sent out.

Happy Writing!!

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