Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Breaking Rules

I forgot to mention last post that my (short) journey with the lit agent has unfortunately come to an end. The agent didn't feel a connection with my other WIP's. Somewhat devastating to me since I didn't feel the work was ready to be shared. Disappointed? Yes. Discouraged? Not at all. I shall move forward with confidence.

On another note...Lost Ladybug is very close to being ready save for a few lines of rhyme that need a little tweaking. Having struggled with getting the rhythm and rhyme pattern just right, I decided to do an experiment. I borrowed a bunch of rhyming books from the library to test the rhythm and pattern and see how strong is was for these published authors. After I got past my husband's weird stares and questions about what I was doing with my fingers, (counting the syllables of course!) I discovered something quite surprising. NONE of the stories I checked had perfect rhyme. And only a couple had a consistent pattern! What gives??

To be fair, I will say that most of the books sounded good when read aloud. So, were these 'rule breakers' able to do so because they were already published, or maybe because it doesn't matter as much as we are led to believe? And when I say it doesn't matter, what I mean is, I have read books with perfect rhyme that sounded forced, and books that were fantastic but didn't have perfect rhyme.

I better quit before my critique group starts to think I'm just trying to justify my less than perfect rhyme! No, seriously though, I think there is something to be said for a wonderful sounding rhyme. Even when it breaks the rules.

Which leads me to this week's book review. I have read several of Kathi Appelt's books and think she is a very talented author. http://www.kathiappelt.com/  Of the PB's that I read, I really enjoyed Incredible Me! An aforementioned rule breaker but done with pizzaz and style and illustrated whimsically by G. Brian Karas. http://www.gbriankaras.com/  I also loved her middle grade novel, The Underneath, a richly told story of animals in peril.

I have four days until my manuscript is due to my critique group. Moving on, or rather back, to my early chapter book about a girl who wants more than anything to be a pirate like her grandfather. Toying with the idea of making it middle grade but don't know yet. Until next week...

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  1. Cari, I wish I had the answer to the rhyme issue. I know what you mean. I've seen many a PB that wasn't exactly counted syllable by syllable. I think, in the end, you have to go with your gut and roll the dice. Looking forward to the new incarnation of Frances. --k.