Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well, finally.

Okay Lula's Bunch. You've succeeded in getting me on a blog site. Now what?? No, I'm just kidding. This is actually very exciting and I'm happy to be part of such a great group of writers. Over the weekend, I'm going to send out the revision of my current WIP to the agent I've been in contact with. Wish me luck as I will for all of you when you attend the writing conference in a couple of weeks.


  1. Yay! Awesome job on the blog! And good luck. I'm crossing all my fingers for you!

  2. Well, I just got home from a day with the family and there has been a burst of excitement happening in the blog world. You and Warren are just hours behind Alison. It was quite an exciting meeting this week and lots more excitement to follow I am sure. Keep us posted re: friday.

  3. Congrats on taking that first step. I think we'll all get there, we just need to keep taking baby steps in a forward direction. Thanks for your comments on my most recent post. I'm just trying to vent my angst. I figure if I post it maybe I can move past it more quickly. Have a great week!