Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making Changes

My lost ladybug is finding her way. I somewhat changed the arc of the story which I think works better than before. I'll teeter (or totter) with it some more before I have to submit to the group on Friday. I also picked up my pirate story and made some major changes. Maybe I'll submit this one to the group instead. Hmmm, not sure. I'll see what happens as I work on them over the next couple of days and make a decision at about 11:59 Friday night. One minute before deadline.

The rest of my critique group is headed to the SCBWI MI conference on Saturday and I'm very excited for them. Can't wait to hear all their stories!

I've exchanged a couple of e-mails with the literary agent I spoke of in a previous post. So far the door is still open. She requested that I send her my other two WIP's, as she wants to invest in an author and not one story.  I'm saying a quick prayer and keeping my fingers crossed...

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